Meet The Artist

I’m Emily Cooper, I live in a tiny village on the North Kent Downs here in dear old Blighty. I’m lucky enough to live in a very old house, full of stories from the past, very wobbly floorboards and wonky walls! My time is filled with my gorgeous husband, our little boy and my step daughter who pops over from time to time, oh and I must not forget my two crazy dogs who are never far away from me.

I am an art college gal at heart and surround myself with music, art, friends and family. Things are good.

One thing has remained constant throughout my life and that is finding the time to sit quietly with a pencil and sketch book in hand. It simply makes me happy.

My background is in photography, I am fascinated by the human form, it many shapes, curves and graces and I still pick up my camera to capture this beauty. The sad thing about the digitalisation of photography means to me that I am limited to the use of programs on a computer for a lot of my work and so the simple pencil holds a great sense of freedom. Simple lines and curves can express so much in so little.

I have always seen creative at as something magical, it’s a fleeting moment captured in one’s mind and then put to paper. Something to hold onto is to own that canvas but costs are high and often out of our reach.

This is why i feel that gifting a small piece of original, personal artwork for a loved one stands the test of time and shows you really care, you have really thought about that person. It could be one of my Funky Family Portraits, a Heartwork or a Wishing Tree. My prices are realistic, my joy is in the creation and the new ideas each new client brings.

I do hope that you find something here that fits the bill. Please get in touch to discuss any requirements  and ideas, I look forward to working with you.

Contact me to talk about some fabulous new artwork.

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