Sketch That Dress


How about a beautiful hand drawn and inked portrait of your favourite dress? Be it wedding, prom, party or princess, these are a stunning gift for a loved one or a naughty treat for you! Immortalise your favourite dress with this elegant ink sketch. Easy to order, all I need is a photo.


Perhaps you are looking for a wedding anniversary gift? The first year is traditionally celebrated with paper (yes, it should be diamonds ever year but hey!). A portrait of your wife’s wedding gown, which is perhaps by now sitting in a box in the attic would make her day. I can even include the flowers from her bouquet. All I need is a full-length photograph from the big day and hey presto, 10/10 for the best anniversary gift given, goes to you!


Is your daughter growing out of that beautiful Solo dress? How about sending me a photo of it and letting my paintbrushes create a keepsake of the dress and the Feis date perhaps? Many Solo dresses are embellished with all sorts of glittering pretty and I don’t stop with paints, I have a vast range of
metallic paints and glitters to replicate the details of the dress with a swish of individuality.

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Please contact me for information and quote.